100 Foil Seals to Reuse Your CBTL Capsules


$ 16.99

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- Includes: 100 foil seals, instructions on how to reuse your CBTL capsules
- Create CBTL capsules with your favorite coffee
- 100-Percent FDA approved materials and BPA free


    This product contains instructions on how to "Reuse your CBTL Capsules".  The CBTL capsules are durable, strong, and reusable, however they require a new foil seal each time they are reused.




    Questions and Answers?

    Q: How many times can each foil seal be used?

    A: Just once.

    Q: What is the foil seal made out of?

    A: The foil seal is made out of aluminum with a high temperature adhesive around the edge that allows the foil to stick to the capsule.

    Q: What about BPA?

    A: Our products are BPA free. All of our products use an FDA approved material.

    Q: How is the foil attached to the pack?

    A: The foil is attached to the pack with a high temperature adhesive. You do not have to iron it on.

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