400 Filters and 3 Crema Discs for use with Reusable Capsules for use with Nescafé Dolce Gusto Brewers | Compatible with Mini Me, Genio, Piccolo, Esperta and Circolo

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  • INCLUDES: 400 single use paper filters and 3 crema discs for use with My-Cap reusable capsules for Dolce Gusto Brewers
  • IT WORKS: Fits all standard Dolce Gusto machines
  • NO PARTICULATES: Finer filtering with paper filters
  • MORE CREMA: Create rich crema with My-Cap's unique Crema Disc
  • FAVORITE: Create capsules with your favorite coffee


The My-Cap Filters are designed to be used with the Reusable Capsules for Dolce Gusto Brewers. The filters help reduce the particulates in the coffee and the crema disc increases the crema produced in the brew. The reusable capsule and filters together allows you to fill your own Dolce Gusto capsules. Fill them with your favorite coffee and reuse them many times before they have to be thrown out. This lowers the cost to brew each cup and also gives you better brews each time. In addition, you will be reducing your environmental impact. Each time you reuse a capsule, you reduce the cost even more on a per-cup basis. The more you use them, the cheaper they get.



My-Cap Dolce Gusto Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many times can this filter be reused?
A: A couple of times if reused right away.

Q: What is this filter made out of?
A: High grade food safe paper. 

Q: What is this crema disc made out of?
A: High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS). 

Q: Does this product contain BPA?
A: This product is 100% BPA free.

Q: What type of coffee should I use?
A: You should use an espresso ground coffee. If you like weaker coffee, grind it coarser and use less. If you like it stronger, grind it finer and use more.

Q: It is hard to press the handle down. Is this a problem?
A: Yes. You should not have to use excessive pressure to close the brewer with this capsule. DO NOT FORCE   If you have to apply pressure to close the brewer the pin may not be aligned properly. Open it back up and check. My-Cap is not responsible for broken machines.

Q: Do I have to use the paper filter?
A: No. The capsule has a built in stainless steel mesh which works well. The paper filter provides additional level of filtering to remove finer particulates from the brew. It is also required if you use the Crema Disc.

Q: Do I have to use the crema disc?
A: No. The capsule will produce some crema, but not as much as an original Dolce Gusto capsule. If you want to get the kind of crema you get with a Dolce Gusto capsule you will need to use the crema disc.

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