Capsule Filler for Nespresso Brewers


$ 24.99

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  • 6 Capsule Filler Includes: 6 Hole Capsule Filler, Coffee Scoop, Brush, and Instructions
  • Helps you make capsules quickly and easily!
  • 100-Percent BPA free


This product helps you fill Nespresso capsules quickly and easily. You can either fill 1, 6, or 12 at a time. Fill them with your favorite coffee, place the lids on them, and you are done.

NOTE: This Capsule Filler is for capsules with foil lids. It is not for use with reusable capsules where the lid is attached.

NOTE: Capsules and foils are not included with this offering. We recommend My-Cap-sules. Other capsules that will work are Capsulin, Ne-Cap, and reusing your Nespresso capsules.

Questions and Answers?

Q: How many times can the filler be used?

A: Forever.

Q: Can I machine wash?

A: No. Hand wash with soapy water and dry.

Q: What about BPA?

A: Our products are BPA free.

Q: Are capsules and foils included?

A: No. We recommend My-Cap-sules. You can also use Capsul'in, Ne-Cap, or reuse your Nespresso capsules.

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