Capsule Holder


$ 3.00

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  • Includes: 1 Capsule Holder
  • Includes instructions
  • BPA free


The Capsule Holder is used to hold many different types of capsules when filling them with coffee. The holder can be used to hold the capsule while scooping coffee into it, tamping the coffee down afterwards, and scraping the excess coffee off the top of the capsule when you are done. You can use the My-Cap cleaning brush (sold separately) to clear the edges before applying the foil adhesive.


Questions and Answers:

Q: How many times can the Capsule Holder be reused?

A: Forever. It should not break or wear down under normal use.

Q: What capsules can be used with this holder?

A: You can use the holder with the My-Cap-sules, Capsul'in capsules, Nespresso capsules (when reused), and many other refillable capsules sold.

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