Gasket Washer and Cap for Keurig K-Cup Brewers


$ 3.99

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  • Includes gasket washer and instructions
  • Includes My-Cap Cap
  • BPA free


This product is designed to help stop leaking while using K-Cups or other alternative reuse solutions. It works with all alternative K-Cup solutions on the market (including the Keurig My K-Cup). Some examples of products that this will work with are: EZ-Cup, Solofill, Brew-Saver, EkoBrew, and of course our own product from My-Cap.


To use the gasket washer with the Keurig Brewer simply remove the upper gasket around the insertion needle, place the washer above it and replace the gasket. You can also place the gasket washer on top of the cap as an alternative use.

To use the cap: Fill It! Cap It! Brew It! Take a used K-Cup, remove foil, clean it out, allow to dry, fill with your favorite coffee, cap it, brew it, and repeat. The caps are guaranteed forever.

Questions and Answers?

Q: Why do I need this gasket washer?

A: You may not. If you are experiencing leaking with your alternative K-Cup / refillable cup solutions, this may be the answer. This solution will allow for a tighter fit between the upper gasket and your product choice (Cap, My K-Cup, Solofill, etc.). It even helps with K-Cups if you have leaking problems.

Q: Why is there a cap in the package?

A: We couldn't help ourselves. We just had to share a cap with you. We developed this washer gasket solution for our cap customers, but have found that it is applicable to all of the solutions on the market including just using K-Cups (although this generally leaks the least).

Q: Does every brewer need it?

A: No. Only use this if you are experiencing leaking problems.

Q: Is this safe to use?

A: Yes, it is made of a food safe rubber.

Q: What products will this work with?

A: All of them.

Q: What if this does not solve my leaking problems?

A: We have put together a whole article on this subject.

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