Gasket Washer and Cap for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

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  • Includes gasket washer and instructions
  • Includes My-Cap Cap
  • BPA free


This product is designed to help stop leaking while using K-Cups or other alternative reuse solutions. It works with all alternative K-Cup solutions on the market (including the Keurig My K-Cup). Some examples of products that this will work with are: EZ-Cup, Solofill, Brew-Saver, EkoBrew, and of course our own product from My-Cap.


To use the gasket washer with the Keurig Brewer simply remove the upper gasket around the insertion needle, place the washer above it and replace the gasket. You can also place the gasket washer on top of the cap as an alternative use.

To use the cap: Fill It! Cap It! Brew It! Take a used K-Cup, remove foil, clean it out, allow to dry, fill with your favorite coffee, cap it, brew it, and repeat.

Questions and Answers?

Q: Why do I need this gasket washer?

A: You may not. If you are experiencing leaking with your alternative K-Cup / refillable cup solutions, this may be the answer. This solution will allow for a tighter fit between the upper gasket and your product choice (Cap, My K-Cup, Solofill, etc.). It even helps with K-Cups if you have leaking problems.

Q: Why is there a cap in the package?

A: We couldn't help ourselves. We just had to share a cap with you. We developed this washer gasket solution for our cap customers, but have found that it is applicable to all of the solutions on the market including just using K-Cups (although this generally leaks the least).

Q: Does every brewer need it?

A: No. Only use this if you are experiencing leaking problems.

Q: Is this safe to use?

A: Yes, it is made of a food safe rubber.

Q: What products will this work with?

A: All of them.

Q: What if this does not solve my leaking problems?

A: Contact us and we will try to help you. Please send us the following information in the email.

  •  Are you leaving the original filter in place or are you using a new filter each time? 
  • What model Keurig are you using?
  • What type of K-Cups are you using?
  • How long ago did you purchase it?

General Notes about Leaking:

NOTE: It is good to experiment with an empty K-Cup ® Pack and Cap (i.e., not coffee in it). That makes any messes that might occur much cleaner.

The K-Cup ® Packs only over flow for one reason, the water can get out around the top. The water is forced through under pressure, so any little crack or opening will be a place for water to come through. There are only two places that can happen.

  1. The first is around the edges where the Cap is wedged into the  K-Cup ® Pack.  Leaks occur around the edge when there is not a good clean seal. In other words there are crevices where water and coffee can escape. The K-Cup ® Packs are not consistently made. Some of them have the paper glued nicely to the edges and others the paper is flopping around the top. When this happens it is harder to get the seal around the top such that there are no gaps where the water can be forced out. You have to look at it and make sure there is a good seal.  
  2. The second place is at the top in the middle of the Cap. That really only happens if the Cap is pushed to far down and the gasket does not make a seal around the top so the water can not come out the middle. Try leaving the Cap a little higher in the K-Cup ® Pack when you push it down.  Experiment a little.

Another trick some people have mentioned is to use the Keurig ®  My K-Cup ®  base that comes with some machines instead of the black base that has the lower pucture pin it.  This will not always be an option with some machines.  Again, experiment a little.

Here are the top reasons for leaks and how to avoid them: 

Clogged Lower Puncture Pin
It is possible that the lower puncture pin that makes the hole in the bottom of the cup has gotten clogged with a coffee ground and is causing troubles. It will cause even a new K-Cup ® Pack to not brew right if that is happening. This problem stops the coffee from leaving the cup easily and can cause it to overflow at the top.  This is easy to fix, just push a needle or something small through it.

Upper Gasket Missing
Keurig ® Brewers are designed with a rubber gasket that fits around the top puncture pin. This is the way the water is injected into the K-Cup ® Pack. If this gasket is missing, water can spray back up from the top of the K-Cup ® Pack and cause leaks and grounds to come out the top of the cup. Check to make sure that you have a gasket around the top puncture pin. If one is not there it will not make a seal around the top and cause it to leak all over. (If it is missing, call Keurig, Inc and ask for a new one.)

Cap pushed too far down
Another cause of leaking in the middle is that the Cap is pushed too far down into the K-Cup ® Pack. Again, the issues is that it is not making a seal with the gasket in the middle of the K-Cup ® Packs and the water and coffee grounds leak out. The simple fix for this is to let the Cap ride a little higher on the K-Cup ® Pack. This can also happen if your used K-Cup ® Pack has been used a number of times and the opening has stretched out a bit. A new K-Cup ® Pack may help in this matter as well.

Improper Seal around the Cap 
Most importantly, make sure you have a smooth seal under pressure around the edges where the Cap meets the K-Cup ® Pack. If there are any crevices where the paper is between the Cap and K-Cup ® Pack this could be a place where water can leak out. You have to pay attention to getting the paper filter all of the way around the Cap or not around the Cap at all.

Using the original Filter in the K-Cup ® Pack
If you are getting coffee grounds in the cup, and the top gasket is in place, then there must be a hole in the filter. Check to make sure the filter has not broken. Otherwise, the coffee grounds have to be coming out the top and this should be pretty obvious since it will leave a mess around the K-Cup ® Pack. If that is happening, then there has to be a sealing problem at the top. Most probably the gasket is missing or is not making contact with the Cap top.

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