My-Cap oPack Replenishment - 400 Non-Adhesive Foils for Nespresso OriginalLine Brewers, Reusable, Refillable

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  • INCLUDES: 400 non-adhesive foils, 4 replacement guide rings, and instructions
  • SOLUTION: Foils allow you to make your own capsules
  • IT WORKS: Fits all standard Nespresso OriginalLine brewers, makes beautiful crema
  • FAVORITE: Create capsules with your favorite coffee
  • SAFE & GREEN: 100-percent recyclable, food-safe materials, and BPA-free, reduced environmental impact


This product is a replenishment package which allows you to make capsules for Nespresso® OriginalLine brewers.  It includes 400 foils (2 plastic containers of 200 foils each) and 4 replacement guide rings. 

Fill them with your favorite coffee, place the lids on them, and enjoy.

Note: We strongly recommend purchasing our oPack product first which includes the cap making tool, scoop, brush, and organizer.  The cap making tool shown is NOT included with this product.


Easy and Fast to Use.


  • Place individual foil on top of cap making tool.
  • Insert ring guide into middle of foil and push down. The foil edges should lift allowing you to wrap the edges into the middle of the ring.
  • Remove ring and foil by picking up the cap making tool and pushing the foil/ring out from the bottom.

Steps (continued):

  • Take an empty reusable capsule and fill with coffee. Make sure you use a high quality espresso grind of coffee. 
  • Tamp it down just a bit.  Do not tamp it down too much or the water will not be able to push through the capsule.
  • Using the foil/ring top from the previous set of steps, insert the foil/ring into the top of the capsule.
  • Brew and enjoy!

Included (materials)

  • 400 foils (aluminum)
  • 4 guide rings (polypropylene)

    Questions and Answers?

    Q: How many times can the capsules and guide rings be used?

    A: We hesitate to use the word forever, but it is close to that.

    Q: Why is there no adhesive on the foils?

    A: It is not needed. Our solution allows you to make the lowest cost foil capsule solution on the market. Our unique foil/ring design allows you to make the foil caps for your capsules allowing you to make capsules that best simulates real store bought capsules.

    Q: What are the replacement guide rings?

    A: We recommend you purchase the oPack product first. We include 4 guide rings in that package and cap making tool.  Since the guide rings are small and easy to loose we include an additional 4 in each order .

    Q: Can the foils be used without the guide rings?

    A: Yes and no.  In order to use the foils without the guide rings you have to wrap the foils around the edge of the capsule and under. This produces an uneven surface under the lip of the capsule and it 1.) makes it harder to close the machine, and 2.) makes it hard for the machine to seal which may cause leakages around the capsule. Each brewer is a little different so you will need to experiment.

    Q: Does this solution make great crema?

    A: Yes. You can expect the same crema you would get from a new capsule if you use the right grind of coffee and tamp it down correctly.

    Q: Can I machine wash?

    A: Yes. It is best if you use the upper tray.

    Q: What about BPA?

    A: Our products are BPA free.


    This product is Patent Pending.

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