Porch Clip for Stringing Holiday Lights and Wires

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  • INCLUDES: 12 clips (of the type selected) and instructions.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: String lights on your porch without tools.
  • FAST: Clip and go.
  • TEMPORARY: Our solution does not create holes in your porch or structure.  Keeps your porch clean.
  • DURABLE: Will last many years in the sun and weather.


The Porch Clips are designed to help you string lights and wire on your porch easily without causing damage to your porch. 

2x4:  Clip for going over 2x4's. Includes through holes along each side and the corner so you can place your lighting the way you want it.
2x2 Clip for going over 2x2 rails. Typically these are vertical rails. The clip is designed to allow you to place lighting going up or down the rail OR by using the hooks on the clip you can run the lighting horizontal.

NOTE: The clips are designed to hold up wire lights. It is not designed to hold up significant weight. You can use multiple clips to increase the amount of weight that they support.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Will these clips damage my wood?

A: No, they are designed to slip easily over your railings.


Product SKU: PC2x4