Top Seal for Reusable Disc for Tassimo Brewers


$ 14.99

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  • Includes: 10 top seals for use with reusable T-Discs
  • Fits all standard Tassimo machines
  • Create T-Discs with your favorite coffee
  • Reduce your environmental impact


These top seals are used to help seal the top of the T-Disc after it has been used once and refilled with coffee. It is just the right size for the holes in the reusable T-Disc.

Questions and Answers?

Q: What brewers will the T-Disc work in?

A: These refillable, reusable T-Discs can be used with compatible Tassimo brewers. This includes T-20 (T20), T-45 (T45), T-46 (T46), T-47 (T47), T-55 (55), T-65 (T65), and T-300 (T300) brewers.

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