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Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

Using a Keurig ® Coffee Brewer is wonderful, easy, convienient, fast, and clean.  But, it is wasteful.  A K-Cup ® Pack is composed of plastic, filter paper, coffee and aluminum foil. The K-Cup is not recyclable, compostable or reusable. Most K-Cup ® Packs wind up in landfills — and that is a serious problem.

As you can see from the table to the left, Keurig has sold almost 6 billion K-cups the last few years and about 3 billion in 2009 alone. If you put all of these K-Cup ® Packs end to end you would have a string of them 166,000 miles long. Thats over 6 times around the earth.

A simple solution to this problem is to "Reuse your Keurig K-Cup ® Packs".  This is our mantra.  We keep shouting it out everywhere we can and to anyone who will listen.  By reusing your K-Cup ® Packs you can decrease the impact of using the Keurig ®  Coffee Brewer by almost 95%.  Yes, you still have to buy K-Cup ® Packs periodically, but you dramatically reduce the number of them you have to buy while still maintaining a product that is easy, convienient, fast, and clean to use.

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