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About My Cap

Founded in 2008 by David Dorfmueller, My Cap is an American story of innovation and entrepreneurship.

As an Electrical Engineer working in Corporate America for over 35 years, David built a career identifying real
problems in the market and solving them. That focus and experience not only led to the start of My Cap, but helped
create an entire new industry that provides important options for users of single-serve coffee makers.

Not being able to reuse expensive coffee pods was a big problem, and I wanted to solve it.

David Dorfmueller

My-Cap Founder & CEO

Our Core Values

More Delicious

Take one look at the crema on your first cup brewed with My-Cap, and the difference is delicious. You won’t sacrifice any aspects of your coffee routine when you switch to reusable My-Cap products.

More Affordable

Using My-Cap to refill single-use coffee pods doesn’t just allow customers to use their own coffee, it’s way more affordable.


Forget single-use plastics. My-Cap’s solutions help reduce waste, helping you get more value and more use out of your coffee pods.