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Without Fail, Perfect Technique to Make K-Cup Packs with Caps

Posted by  on in Keurig ® K-Cup ® Brewers

[This was sent to us by Cheryl Hall recently]

I love my these caps. I have been using them for years. I finally found the without fail,perfect technique to using these successfully. It's a few steps but you can do them in stages as you have time. They are very easy to store. It takes me about an hour to make 30 completed cups. I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars with this product.

This is how:

1) Empty cup and round filter

2) Fill coffee

3) Cut up cheep basket filter to make cover between coffee and cap. This helps keep grounds in the cup during brewing and helps with clean up

4) Put cheep filter then cap on coffee cup 

5) Trim excess filter from edge

6) Use press 'n seal square to seal top of completed Kcup

7) enjoy!!!

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