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Foil Seals to Reuse Your A Modo Mio ® Capsules

We recently sent some foils to a customer to try with the Modo Mio Brewer.  Success!  Here is what he had to say.


Thank you very much for sending me the caps as discussed. I have used three foil lids and can advise that it works perfectly, so you can add Lavazza a mode mio to your list.  I would advise using a tin opener to open up the original capsules. It gives a nice clean edge and when washed and dried your foil lid sticks neatly on top(and is easily removed). I found it best to pack the coffee in very firmly for best flavour..after use, you can tell if its right as well by pulling off the foil and comparing with a used original (pre-recycled) capsule. 

I shall work my way through the 97  remaining foil lids and be in touch when i need some more. 

Best regards, 


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