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Summer Iced Coffee using Keurig ® K-Cups ®

Summer Iced Coffee using Keurig ® K-Cups ®

Don't let the heat of summer keep you from the taste of your favorite coffee! If you haven't tried it before, try Iced Coffee now for a fresh cool taste and a great pick-me-up!For simple Iced Coffee, use your Keurig and your favorite coffee in a K-Cup and brew a fresh cup of coffee. But first, let the coffee cool a bit before you pour it over the ice. If you pour it too quickly, it waters the coffee down too much by melting the ice as it is poured. By letting it cool first, you get a better coffee flavor and don't have to stir as much!For a real cool-down, have your ice in a blender ready to go and add your coffee as you blend it into a smoothie! This drink is more like a mocha milkshake and is very refreshing.Finally, try adding some milk or ice cream and sweetener to make a real mocha milkshake out of your cup of coffee!Try it out and send us your favorite recipes! 

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