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Iced Coffee or Cold Brews, That is the Question!

3 Ways To Spice Up Your Cold Coffees (by Sally Perkins)

The beautiful simplicity of a cup of coffee is not to be diminished, but sometimes your morning (or afternoon) brew needs a bit of a lift. As iced coffee and cold brew are both known to soak up flavors very well, the summertime is just the time to give these ideas a try.

  1. Essences and Extract

Vanilla flavored creamers and syrups are available everywhere, but try using vanilla extract on its own. It is all flavor and no extra sugar. If you’re trying to capture the flavor of an alcoholic brew without the alcohol, a dash of almond extract gives you that essense of amaretto. A chocolatey coffee might also pair very well with mint extract. Perhaps a trip to the baking section is in order.

  1. Dip into your spice cabinet!

Cinnamon is a go-to spice for most bakers, but maybe going a bit further afield to Cardamom and Ginger might add a bit of interest and freshness, even a bit of an exotic edge. If you’re more the fiery adventure type, a bit of cayenne or even chipotle will definitely add a bit of excitement to your morning. And, of course, the fad at the moment is pink peppercorns. These pink berries have a sweet but peppery flavor and are an amazing alternative for the person who has tried it all.  

  1. Non-dairy love

While soya milk has been mainstream for a while, there are other non-dairy options. Oat milk has a rich, almost nutty flavor that has a nice body. It can be used just like normal milk and you won’t even miss the dairy alternative. Coconut milk is silky and strong, bringing life and vibrancy in addition to a massive coconut flavor. It whips up well in a latte or just a bit of cream on top.

Top Tip for Cold Brew

Salt - Salt brings out the flavor of foods and beverages and, as cold brewing sometimes mutes the coffee's flavor, it is just the thing to add a bit of punch. Discussions differ as to how much, but some people swear by this method.

Top Tip for Iced Coffee

Coffee Ice cubes - Make a batch the night before and freeze it in ice cube trays (the more fun-shaped the better). Use those to cool down the coffee - it won’t water down the coffee like normal ice. What can be better with coffee than more coffee?

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