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  • The coffee pods have markings on the bottom that adjust the machine’s brewing (temp., flow, etc.) based on the type of coffee. When reusing pods should you try to use a similar type of coffee as that which came in the original pod?

    Peter Spencer
  • Great instructions. Thanks

  • Thanks David for posting this link. I did want to clarify that the paper filters also work great with the plastic disc after understanding how to use them. I myself drink a lot of coffee so the aluminum foils work better for me as I create a day or two supply and have them ready. The paper filters work great for one-off situations where someone may only have one cup a day. I did the math and it costs me about .35 to .40 cents a cup (16-17oz pour). Around a 60-65% savings. Takes me less than 3 minutes to make a pod. I’m recommending this product to all my family and friends. What a ingenious idea!!

    Gio Stefani

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