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Recent Customer Email

The following is a recent email we received about one of our products for Nespresso VertuoLine brewers. 

Nespresso® and their logos are brands registered by Société des Produits Nestlé SA. Brand names and references of machine models are made solely to indicate our products compatibility. My-Cap and its products are not associated in any way with the above companies.

Hi My-Cap,

There’s no place that I could find on your website to give a testimonial and show my “invention.”

I’ve been wanting to share with you how I use the Vertuo My-caps.

I make 24 servings at a time - 8 green, 8 blue and 8 red – and stack them in egg crates (crate lids removed).

Green go in first, then blue then red, leaving room for a few Decaf Vertuo capsules.

As each crate is emptied, I clean the capsule, caps and lids and set them aside.

Then move the empty crate underneath the others.

When I get to the reds, I have some idea of what day I need to schedule time for cleaning and refilling everything.

Really handy, and saves me a lot of time.

Picture attached.

Thanks for these great My-Caps.



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