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Foil Seals to Reuse Your A Modo Mio ® Capsules

We recently sent some foils to a customer to try with the Modo Mio Brewer.  Success!  Here is what he had to say.


Thank you very much for sending me the caps as discussed. I have used three foil lids and can advise that it works perfectly, so you can add Lavazza a mode mio to your list.  I would advise using a tin opener to open up the original capsules. It gives a nice clean edge and when washed and dried your foil lid sticks neatly on top(and is easily removed). I found it best to pack the coffee in very firmly for best flavour..after use, you can tell if its right as well by pulling off the foil and comparing with a used original (pre-recycled) capsule. 

I shall work my way through the 97  remaining foil lids and be in touch when i need some more. 

Best regards, 


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Without Fail, Perfect Technique to Make K-Cup Packs with Caps

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[This was sent to us by Cheryl Hall recently]

I love my these caps. I have been using them for years. I finally found the without fail,perfect technique to using these successfully. It's a few steps but you can do them in stages as you have time. They are very easy to store. It takes me about an hour to make 30 completed cups. I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars with this product.

This is how:

1) Empty cup and round filter

2) Fill coffee

3) Cut up cheep basket filter to make cover between coffee and cap. This helps keep grounds in the cup during brewing and helps with clean up

4) Put cheep filter then cap on coffee cup 

5) Trim excess filter from edge

6) Use press 'n seal square to seal top of completed Kcup

7) enjoy!!!

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Try My-Cap Caps with San Francisco Bay Coffee One Cup Packs

Try My-Cap Caps with San Francisco Bay Coffee One Cup Packs
We have had a number of you comment on using our My-Cap Caps for Keurig Brewers using the San Francisco Bay Coffee brand packs.  They really work well and have a built in filter that lasts a very long time. The picture below shows a new pack, a used pack, and a refilled pack with a cap on it.


Thank you!
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Rogers Family Files Antitrust and Unfair Competition Lawsuit Against Keurig Green Mountain

 | March 17, 2014 


The Keurig 2.0 has “lock out” technology that would prevent it from working with competing pod-makers.

Lincoln, Calif.-based Rogers Family Coffee Company has filed a lawsuit against Keurig Green Mountain Inc. alleging violations of federal and California antitrust and unfair competition laws related to the distribution and sales of single-serve coffee products.

(more: After Starbucks Cease and Desist, Micro Brewer Not Giving Up Without a Laugh)

The Eastern District of California suit follows a Court of Appeals Ruing in Massachusetts District Court earlier this year in which Rogers was absolved of any wrongdoing related to patent infringements for its OneCup single-serve product, as claimed by KGM’s former wholly owned subsidiary, Keurig Inc.

In the latest suit, Rogers Family is arguing that Keurig Green Mountain is using “monopoly power in the single-serve coffee brewer and coffee pod markets to require its distribution partners to enter into exclusive anticompetitive agreements designed to maintain Keurig’s monopoly power by excluding competition.” The company is also seeking to prevent Keurig Green Mountain from moving forward with “lock out” technology for its newest brewers — the Keurig 2.0 — which are designed only to function with Keurig-approved products.

(more: Starbucks vs. Charbucks: So Much More than a Boring Trademark Violation Case)

“Our goal is to ensure that consumers in the single-serve coffee market have access to a free and open marketplace, in which they are provided the opportunity to select a wide range of products based upon whatever factors are most important to them such as price, quality, and commitment to social and environmental responsibility,” Rogers Family President Jon B. Rogers said in an announcement late last week.

For its part, Keurig Green Mountain has leveraged the popularity of its brewing units for partnerships with some of the biggest names in North American specialty coffee. The company last week announced a multi-year partnership deal with Peet’s for Keurig pods, and it is currently renewing a long-term deal with Starbucks. With its new corporate website, the company is making a concerted effort to promote its vision for brand partnerships. From KGM:

We know that offering a wide selection of quality, beloved brands is critical to the success of the Keurig® system.  We take pride in our unique ability to forge partner relationships with those some may consider to be our biggest competition.  But that’s the idea: we endeavor to satisfy everyone’s taste, even if that taste is not our own.  With an ever expanding portfolio of Keurig Brewed® brands on the shelves, we look to expand consumer choice, fuel new excitement for existing Keurig® users, raise system awareness, and attract new consumers to the system.  Collaboration that creates mutual success is at our core.

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Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

Using a Keurig ® Coffee Brewer is wonderful, easy, convienient, fast, and clean.  But, it is wasteful.  A K-Cup ® Pack is composed of plastic, filter paper, coffee and aluminum foil. The K-Cup is not recyclable, compostable or reusable. Most K-Cup ® Packs wind up in landfills — and that is a serious problem.

As you can see from the table to the left, Keurig has sold almost 6 billion K-cups the last few years and about 3 billion in 2009 alone. If you put all of these K-Cup ® Packs end to end you would have a string of them 166,000 miles long. Thats over 6 times around the earth.

A simple solution to this problem is to "Reuse your Keurig K-Cup ® Packs".  This is our mantra.  We keep shouting it out everywhere we can and to anyone who will listen.  By reusing your K-Cup ® Packs you can decrease the impact of using the Keurig ®  Coffee Brewer by almost 95%.  Yes, you still have to buy K-Cup ® Packs periodically, but you dramatically reduce the number of them you have to buy while still maintaining a product that is easy, convienient, fast, and clean to use.

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