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I have been using your My-Cap products for my Vertuoline Brewer for about 2 years, and I have been extremely happy with your silicone caps, lids, and capsule holders. I recently ordered and received your new funnel,  that is used in the refilling of the empty capsules. As with all of your products, they work perfectly, and make it very convenient, easy and economical to refill and use my Vertuoline capsules. Thank you for your great products, and excellent service. Robert from Boca Raton FL

One of the Top 3 Keurig Solutions. CoffeeBeans Review.

The kaps work great. My husband didn't want me to order them, but he's the one who is now very happy with them. Makes his loose leaf tea and doesn't clog up the filters. Deborah M.

Love these capsules. I was so anxious to get them and was afraid I would be disappointed. It works like a charm in my Nespresso® machine and is saving me a ton of money! Reina D.

These are perfect! I ordered several sets. I started saving my used k-cups as soon as I ordered these. I drink 2 cups of coffee a day, so each week I set up 16 cups and it's just as convenient as new k-cups ... Yippie My-Cap! :)  Kerry Ann L.

These are great. I was skeptical about them but they really work. I dont use them all the time, I use them when I am out of prepackaged K-Cups ®. I like them much better than the Keurig ® "Make your own" item. Good job to whoever developed this. Linda W.

Wow! fantastic these capsules work great and your instructions were easy to follow. I make some ahead of time and have them ready to go I will probably order more... Susan S.

"Works great.... can't believe I didn't find this product sooner... I save tons of money using my favorite coffee ... just make sure you grind it good. the more you grind it ( like expresso) the better it taste " M.

I gotta admit it, I bought some of your "kaps", and it is truly a terrific invention, It should be included with the purchase of a KeurigEW in Miami Beach, FL

I just had to tell you that your Kaps combined with my favorite, freshly ground coffee (not available in K-cups) make the Keurig brewer the best two purchases of the year. Great ideaJF in Ormond Beach, FL

Just a little note to tell you that the My-Caps work great, without them the Keurig coffee system is an expensive extravagance, with your My-Caps it's an indulgence that is very cost effective. Thanks again. HR in Holley, NY

Awesome idea! I was not sure about it till I got it, but it was great. I can now re-use my K-Cup's. BD in Youngstown, OH

Thank you so much. I bought 5 of them so I could make a bunch at a time. Nice system. Easy to doDD, San Diego, CA

ALL I CAN SAY IS AWESOME PRODUCT! Got it today, had to try it right away. It is wonderful. Thank you soooo much. R in, Bloomingburg, NY

We had gotten our My-Cap earlier this week, its Friday night, 6 pm and my wife is in the hot tub. I asked, can I get you something? She quickly replied, coffee sounds good. I was expecting, a glass of wine or maybe a mixed drink. RL in Spokane, WA

Hey got My-Caps today...way cool idea! These are great. The Keurig is a super coffee maker and the My-Caps make it not only just as convenient as K-cups but incredibly cost efficient. And, it puts me back in control of brewing my favorite grind! ST in Danvers, MA

We were recently honored on AnswerConnect's website (they work with us to help answer the phone). They wrote up a nice article on My-Cap. Enjoy reading!